For as long as he can remember Jon has been suffering from terminally itchy feet coupled with an insatiable appetite for taking photographs.

Holidays to far flung parts of the globe during his time as an apprentice in Devonport Dockyard didn't quite cut it. So in 1986 - after seven long years working on warships - he decided that life as a shipwright wasn't for him and set off overland to Kathmandu.

Six months later, weighing considerably less than when he started, but with a bag full of exposed film and a wealth of experience, he decided that combining his two afflictions to become a travel photographer might be a cool way to earn a living. Through hard work and perseverance, and with his unique vision, he quickly became a leading travel photographer whose work is much sought after by all the leading stock agencies.

Jon is a qualified member of the British Institute of Professional Photography having been awarded an Associateship in Illustrative Photography in 1992. This was followed by a Fellowship, the Institute's highest qualification, in the same discipline in 2000. By now Jon was shooting predominately with a 6x12 medium format camera, specialising in urban scenes and city skylines.

In 2004 he was encouraged to make the switch from film to digital by his main photo agency at the time, Corbis.

Recently Jon has been combining a keen interest in astronomy with his travel work by venturing out of the brightly lit cities to shoot "astro" landscapes whenever he gets the chance. The moon is also a favourite target that is often used to enhance an ordinary architectural shot or city skyline.

You can view a wider range of Jon's work at Getty Images, whom you should contact should you wish to license it.


Based out of his home in Somerset, England, Jon has over 25 years experience as a travel photographer, supplying the world's leading photo-agencies with his unique style of travel imagery.